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TOP 10
D-Day Sites

Our Top 10 D-Day sites rated and reviewed so you know exactly what to see in Normandy in 2021 and 2022.


All the sites are:

  • open access

  • free to visit*

  • accessible to all including wheelchair users

  • …and steeped in history

* the sites themselves are free to visitors. The museums mentioned charge a fee for entry.

The top 10 countdown starts here!

Number 10: Pointe du Hoc

Pointe du Hoc

This rocky outcrop at the western end of Omaha Sector overlooking the English Channel almost DIDN’T make it into the Top 10! The fascinating German battery was the location of one of the most dangerous and ambitious missions on D-Day: the capture of six 155mm guns atop a hundred-foot cliff by the US 2nd Rangers Battalion. So, why did it only scrape in at Number 10? Well, sadly the bunkers and craters have been closed to visitors for a couple of years now. The site is still open however and the views from the cliffs or from the viewing platform above Gun No. 4 are stunning. A short film in the visitors’ centre recounts the actions of the Rangers in their own words.

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