Over a year ago, the pandemic stopped almost all travel to France, and since then we’ve been bringing the D-Day battlefields and beaches to you, LIVE, in your living room, your office, your car: wherever you are, anywhere in the world.

In March we decided to make all our scheduled Webinar Tours and Virtual On-location Tours free of charge because we believe that everyone should be able to hear these stories without having to pay.

But if you like what we do, and you are able to participate, a monthly subscription will support our work and allow us to continue to improve and increase our virtual D-Day tours and webinars.

All our members can watch the free tours and webinars, but there are lots of additional benefits for subscribers… like post-tour Zoom debriefings, access to the video archives, monthly aperitif chats on Zoom and even free private tours for you, your friends and your family.