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What's the difference between ON-LOCATION and VIDEO WEBINAR tours?

We Love Normandy ON-LOCATION tours are just that - live broadcasts from the many fascinating sites in the Normandy region. The LIVE film and English language commentary are transmitted direct to your device, in the comfort of your home, school or social meeting place.


Our VIDEO WEBINAR tours use unique video footage of the beaches and battlefields, with a live narration and discussion with guide, Patrick Hilyer.

I've heard of 'virtual tourism' - are your tours virtual?


ON-LOCATION tours are not prerecorded or augmented. There's no need for VR headsets! And you won't see any 3D graphics or 360 degree images - just the sights and sounds of Normandy in high definition video and stereo sound.

WEBINAR tours use unique video footage and other media to bring the D-Day beaches to you using the ZOOM platform.

How much does it cost? Is it expensive?

All our scheduled virtual tours are now FREE. Private tours are 99€.

We believe that our prices are unbeatable, but, before you book, if you find an equivalent tour elsewhere at a lower price, we will match it!

Do you visit other places not mentioned on the website?

For private tours, we can arrange a visit to a site of your choice - a battlefield for example or the grave of a relative in one of the military cemeteries. We can even arrange to lay a wreath. Please contact us so we can provide you with a price.

How can I book and pay?

GROUP and PRIVATE tours can be booked on the Eventbrite ticketing website here.

Can I share the cost with others?

It's up to you how many people watch with you in your viewing location - the tour prices are per connection, not per person. If you can squeeze 20 people in your living room then that's fine. And if they split the cost with you, that's even better! You can screen a tour at your place of work, school, club or even at your place of worship.

PRIVATE tour tickets are for up to 5 screens

What if there's a technical glitch?


Occasionally, this can occur during ON-LOCATION tours. If the transmission is interrupted at any time during the tour, please wait a few seconds and the video and sound should resume. If necessary, you can refresh your browser - in any event you will have the link to return to the livestream video. If you missed anything you can send a message to your guide asking them to repeat what you missed.

What does a tour look and sound like? Can I see a demo?


Our LIVE tours are broadcast in HD video and stereo sound. You can watch the highlights of the Sainte Mère Eglise tours here.

How does the technology work for on-location LIVE tours?


Quick answer: we use a camera mounted on a dynamic gimbal stabilizer to get a smooth high-definition video image. The HD video is streamed using 4G cellular technology via the We Love Normandy server and Facebook. 

What happens after a Private tour?


We can send you a professionally edited film in MP4 format using footage from your tour. You can share this on social media and watch again on your computer or TV. Contact us for details and price.

Can I ask questions during the tour?

Absolutely! Our tours are interactive - you can post comments and questions during the broadcast and your guide will respond. The post-tour ZOOM PLATOON is hosted on the ZOOM platform where you can ask questions and join the discussion (paid subscribers only).

Do I need any special equipment to tune in?

No, if you have a computer or browser you can watch and listen to the tours. You can read our technical guidelines here.

What's the difference between a GROUP Tour and a PRIVATE Tour?

Just like with conventional tours, we provide virtual group tours and private tours.

Group tours: we set the date and time and you join with other people.

Private tours: you choose a date and time convenient to you, and you and your family and friends will be the only participants.

When do your tours run?

GROUP tour dates are announced on the the Eventbrite ticketing website. We normally run scheduled tours at around 8pm (French time). 

Private tours can be arranged any day of the week during European daylight hours, subject to availability.

What if something comes up and we need to defer or cancel?

Once you've paid for a scheduled or private tour you can defer to a future tour date if you have to. If you need to cancel a private tour, you will get a refund, less transaction charges. Refunds are made by PayPal.

I'm NOT a technical expert - is it complicated to join the tour?


Don't worry - once you have booked a tour you will receive the simple joining instructions by email. You click on the link at the scheduled time and enter the password provided. For some tours, you will need a ZOOM account.

What if I'm late for a scheduled tour?


You can tune-in to the tour at any time, and we always wait a few minutes at the start until the participants join.

Can we do a private tour with our friends who live in a different state or region?


Yes! You don't have to be in the same location as the other participants in a private tour. For example, you could be in London and a friend or family member could be in Colorado. You just need to book as many additional connection tickets as you need - in this case 1 extra connection.

PRIVATE tours include up to 5 connections.

Can you take us into buildings or bunkers on a LIVE online tour?


Our LIVE link uses the 4G cellular network. All the sites visited have been tested to ensure the video and sound quality is acceptable and many of the D-Day bunkers and buildings are accessible. There are some that are too deep or whose walls are too thick for the cellular signal to penetrate - in this case we provide video footage that can be viewed at the end of the tour.

Can I buy a tour as a gift?


Absolutely, after purchasing your ticket just let us know the email address of the recipient of the gift so they can receive the joining instructions.

We'll also send you a voucher in PDF format that you can print out to give he recipient.

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