" we brought a bit of Normandy to my dad and father-in-law - Patrick led a private, interactive tour streamed right to our TV. He even climbed the bluffs of Omaha Beach- just like being there! Thank you Patrick..."

OMAHA - a 1-hour online tour of the bunkers, monuments and the beach

Online Interactive Tour of Omaha Beach

UTAH - a 1-hour LIVE interactive tour of the beach, the monuments and the bunkers

Online interactive tour of Utah Beach

SAINTE-MERE-EGLISE - a 1-hour LIVE interactive tour of the town, the church and monuments

Online Interactive Tour of Sainte Mère Eglise

LONGUES-SUR-MER - a 1-hour LIVE interactive tour of the bunkers and guns

Online interactive tour of the Longues-sur-Mère Battery

What's an online D-Day tour?

Over the years we have welcomed hundreds of visitors from all over the world to Normandy. In 2020 these visits stopped. The travel restrictions due to Covid-19 have disappointed so many people who planned to come to the D-Day beaches this year. Our LIVE INTERACTIVE tours bring the sights and sounds of the D-Day battlefields and beaches right to your living room, den or office - on your tablet, computer, laptop or TV screen. The tours are interactive - you and your guests can ask questions as we go along during the LIVE video link.

Tours are given in English.

How does it work?

Since the lockdown measures became the 'new normal' most people have become familiar with using Facetime, Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype etc. to keep in touch with loved-ones and colleagues. From June 2020 we are providing online, interactive D-Day tours using the latest cellular and video technologies - LIVE, not pre-recorded.

To join a LIVE interactive D-Day tour you only need 3 things:

1. A computer or tablet *

2. A reliable internet connection *

3. A comfortable place to relax and enjoy the tour

That's all - except for some tasty refreshments!

*Click here for our technical guidelines

When do the tours run?

Private tours run 7 days a week during daylight hours, typically from 8am to 8pm (Paris Time). A time that works for you is agreed upon when you make a reservation, and scheduled in advance. Private tours can be tailored to suit your wishes and requirements.


If you're in the USA, then the best time is in the morning, due to the time difference. If you're on the west coast, Alaska or Hawaii then late evening tours can be arranged.

Scheduled tours run several times per month and usually begin at 6pm (Paris Time). Dates for scheduled tours are posted on the website here and on the We Love Normandy Facebook Events page.


How much is it? Can we share the tour with friends?

Scheduled 1-Hour Group Tours 9.95€

Private 1-Hour Exclusive Tours 99€

Current tours include Omaha Beach, Utah Beach, Longues-sur-Mer and Sainte-Mère-Eglise. Coming soon are the British & Canadian sites, the cemeteries, and the battle-torn towns of the Cotentin Peninsular and the Battle of the Hedgerows.

Tours are broadcast on the site. Additional connections are 15€ per connection. If you would like to invite your friends and family to view the tour with you then they will be more than welcome - and you can share the cost of the tour between you!

You can read our testimonials here and find out more about Patrick and We Love Normandy here.

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